About Listservs: CBA Immigration Law Section

The primary objective of the CBA Immigration Law Section listserv is to facilitate the sharing of information and ideas to assist members in their practices. It is recognized that the practice of citizenship and immigration law can at times be political by nature. However, in order to encourage full participation by all members, participants share a responsibility to be respectful of the broad diversity of opinions, personal backgrounds and practice areas of our members. Where possible, postings should be concise and repetition avoided. Participants are expected to balance the relevance and importance of any posting with its potential impact on other members. The integrity and effectiveness of the listserv is dependent on the professionalism and collegiality of all members.

The moderator for the CBA Immigration Law Section listserv is Lisa Middlemiss, the Section’s Secretary/Communications Officer. You can find contact information for Lisa on the Executive page.

The moderator does not censor or pre-vet individual postings, but rather is a mediator for disputes, an advisor for members who have questions about the appropriate use of the listserv, and a conduit for complaints which require further action by the CBA Chief Executive Officer or Executive Officers. The moderator has no formal role in the complaint or appeal process but is available as a resource person for members and for the CBA.

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If you have any questions or issues accessing the listserv, please contact CBAImmigrationLaw@cba.org.