Bilingual Constitution and language rights

  • February 25, 2020

The Section is planning a busy and productive 2020. Building on the successes of previous years, led by our Executive Committee, we will continue to take action on issues involving language rights and access to justice in French. More specifically, we will be focusing on the following issues:

Bilingual Constitution of Canada

  • To give effect to Resolution 18-04-A, we are continuing to push for a bilingual Constitution and to encourage the federal government to collaborate with the provinces and territories to ensure that a French version of the Constitution of Canada is adopted and that the Constitution of Canada is finally officially bilingual, pursuant to section 55 of the Constitution Act, 1982.

Recognition and implementation of language rights in federal legislation

  • Last year, CBA sections recommended the recognition of language equality in proceedings under the Divorce Act. The French Speaking Common Law Members Section helped prepare a CBA submission in support of an appearance before the Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights as part of its study of Bill C-78.
  • This year, we will continue to work to expand language rights, particularly the right to be heard and to plead in the official language of one’s choice in proceedings under federal legislation.

Modernization of the Official Languages Act

We’re always seeking articles about the practice of common law in French, and we need your help! The Section is grateful for the contributions of our dedicated and committed members.

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