The Children’s Law Committee considers issues related to children’s rights and best interests. We monitor views on these issues, as well as the effects of legislative, legal policy and other legal developments on children in Canada.

What We Do

The Children’s Law Committee:

  • Monitors how the legal profession in Canada supports and provides legal representation of children, and makes recommendations
  • Monitors and makes recommendations on the extent to which Canadian legal practice relating to children is consistent with best practices elsewhere, and encourages uniformity of practice within Canada
  • Monitors and supports respect for children’s rights, in particular, under the Convention on the Rights of the Child, and supports children’s right to participate in the justice system
  • Provides advice and recommends positions and policy to support the effective development of children’s law
  • Provides advice and recommends positions and policy to ensure that children’s rights are fully implemented and enforced in Canada
  • Supports CBA branch Children’s Law Sections or committees
  • Fosters partnerships that will enhance the committee’s work for the benefit of Canadian children

How We Work

The Committee is comprised of representatives from interested National Sections and Forums. There are an additional five Committee positions held by CBA members with expertise in children’s law issues. For more information or to express your interest, contact Inika Anderson at inikaa@cba.org.

Time Commitment

Our Committee members participate in bi-monthly conference calls and lead or participate in initiatives as they arise.

Take Action

If you’re interested in our work and children’s law issues, join the Children’s Law Committee listserv. The listserv provides a forum to network and exchange ideas with leading practitioners who share your interests. We share updates about Committee activities and opportunities to get involved through the listserv. Participation is free for CBA members.

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