Global Corruption: Law, Theory and Practice Course Book (Second Edition, January 2017)

  • January 16, 2017

Authored by Professor Gerry Ferguson, Distinguished Professor at the University of Victoria Faculty of Law, Global Corruption: Law, Theory and Practice, Second Edition is the first course book of its kind on anti-corruption. As sponsors of the book, the CBA Anti-Corruption Team (CBA-ACT) reviewed and provided input into the content. It is a comprehensive account of the historical, social, economic and political dimensions of corruption and compares the US, UK and Canadian Anti-Corruption regimes. The book is available in whole or by chapter in both pdf and word formats.

Title Page, Preface, Table of Contents

Part I    Corruption in Context

Chapter 1 - Social, Economic and Political Dimensions of Corruption

Part II    Criminal Liability for Bribery and Corruption Offences

Chapter 2 - Elements of and Defences to Corruption Offences

Chapter 3 - Related Principles of Criminal Liability

Chapter 4 - Money Laundering

Part III    Asset Recovery and Mutual Legal Assistance

Chapter 5: Asset Recovery and Mutual Legal Assistance

Part IV    Enforcement

Chapter 6- Criminal Investigation and Prosecution of Corruption

Chapter 7- Criminal Sentencing and Civil Sanctions

Part V    Advising Businesses on Anti-Corruption Practices

Chapter 8- The Lawyer's Role in Advising Business Clients on Corruption and Anti-Corruption Issues

Part VI    Promoting Integrity in the Public Service Sector

Chapter 9- Conflicts of Interest and Corruption

Chapter 10- Political Lobbying and Corruption

Chapter 11 - Public Procurement and Corruption

Chapter 12- Whistle Blower Protections

 Chapter 13 - Corruption and Campaign Finance Laws

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*User note: Chapter 13 on Corruption and Campaign Finance Laws has been added as a supplemental chapter to the 2017 full version of this book. Thus it must be downloaded separately.