Kathryn Sainty

Kathryn Sainty in Bali at cooking lessonWhat is your current role with the CBA, and what motivated you to volunteer your time? 

I am a mediator and arbotrator practising on my own in British Columbia. I am the current chair of the National Women Lawyers Forum and the Immedaite past chair of the BC Women Lawyers Forum. I volunteered with the CBA a number of years ago when the BC Women Lawyers Forum was in its infancy. I am a staunch supporter of the advancement of women in the legal profession and felt that working with the WLF was an excellent opportunity for me to provide support to women in the profession.  

If you would be reborn as an animal what kind of animal would that be and why? 

A cat – all they have to do is look adorable, be standoffish and be petted, fed and groomed. Sounds good to me. 

What's your favourite holiday?  

One that combines a number of things – R&R with culture, good food and activities. I recently returned from Bali – wonderful beaches, great people, interesting culture, spectacular restaurants with food from all over the world, amazing architecture and great place to get lots of fresh air, walk and just chill.  

What job would you be terrible at?  

Anything that was routine and repetitious – one that did not require me to use my brain. 

Kathryn Sainty	Bali door