Reports on Canada's Progress

Approximately every four years, Canada is required to submit a Periodic Report to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child (Article 44) (Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) Committee). The Committee also receives submissions from non-governmental organizations. Concluding Observations are then made by the CRC Committee which:

Good advocates can and should make effective use of these reports, as they can be relevant in Court.

While Canada has made some progress on implementing child rights, there is room for improvement. In 2012 Canada submitted its third and fourth Periodic Reports and received the CRC Committee’s Concluding Observations in October 2012 on Canada’s progress that highlighted:

Several areas for improvement were also specified in the Committee’s 2012 Concluding Observations for Canada including the following which could assist you in related advocacy:

  • Improve Implementation, Coordination, Planning and Monitoring of Child Rights: legislation, national children’s commissioner, educating professionals working with children, use of child rights impact assessments, monitoring and evaluation
  • Strengthen Use of the CRC Guiding Principles: integrate and apply best interests more broadly, improve mechanisms for child participation, address overrepresentation of Indigenous children and African-Canadian children in criminal justice and out-of-home care placements; address disparity in vulnerable children’s access to services
  • Address Violence Against Children: corporal punishment, abuse and neglect, sexual exploitation and abuse, harmful practices, freedom from all forms of violence
  • Address Business Sector practices: to comply with human rights standards, at home and abroad

Note that similar concerns were raised during Canada’s Universal Periodic Review before the United Nations in 2013 that considered the implementation of all human rights instruments ratified by Canada.