Is this Your Responsibility?

Whether you work for government and make policy or administrative decisions affecting children, represent, serve or make decisions about a child whose rights are at stake in a legal case, or do any work where your actions affect children directly or indirectly, you can and in many cases should implement child rights.

Canada and other States Parties that have ratified the CRC are “duty bearers” obliged to implement child rights and ensure others do so as well (Reference re: s. 293 of the Criminal Code of Canada, 2011 BCSC 1588 (CanLII); Senate Committee Report on Canada’s Obligations Under the CRC). All provinces and territories sent letters of support to Canada before it ratified the CRC and also have a duty to implement the CRC. Depending on context, individuals, organizations, private companies, governments at all levels, media and institutions can have a similar duty.

In every action a legal professional takes affecting a child, that professional has an opportunity to respect the child’s rights and uphold the child’s well-being.