Chapter 10 – Temporary Entry and Stay for Business Purposes

Airplane and man with suitcaseChapter 10 established facilitative entry for certain categories: key personnel, contractual services suppliers, independent professionals, and short-term business visitors. IRCC, in turn, has created new LMIA exemption codes for each of these facilitated work permit categories. Set out below are details of important provisions of Chapter 10 about these categories.

All applicants applying for work permits under CETA must demonstrate an “offer of employment” for the temporary work they will be doing in Canada, which must be submitted to IRCC through the Employer Portal. The $230 employer compliance fee must also be paid to satisfy the employer compliance requirements in Section 209.11 of the Immigration Refugee and Protection Regulations (IRPR).

Except for investors entering the Canadian labour market, business visitor and work permit applications under CETA can be made at the port of entry by individuals who do not require a temporary resident visa (TRV) under section 190 of IRPR. Otherwise applications must be made to a Canadian visa office abroad. Applications can also be made within Canada if the conditions in section 199 of IRPR are satisfied.

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