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With trust accounts, the devil is in the details

  • March 01, 2015
  • Kathleen Robichaud

Kathleen Robichaud, a sole practitioner in Manotick, ON, takes a look at trust accounts, and the ways in which they can be mismanaged because of inadequate monitoring.

A Twitter shout out that lawyers can do without

  • March 01, 2015
  • Carolyn Elefant

All it takes these days to render a lawyer’s good reputation meaningless is 140 characters posted by the right person on Twitter, writes Carolyn Elefant, author of the blog Because there’s simply no way to prevent dissatisfied clients from taking to Twitter to criticize their lawyers, Elefant offers up some tips for responding.

Checklists for succession planning

  • March 01, 2015
  • Jocelyn Frazer

Leaving your small or sole-practitioner firm can turn into a juggling act with a lot of balls in the air. Jocelyn Frazer, Equity Ombudsperson and Practice Advisor with the Law Society of Alberta, helps get you started with a series of checklists of things you have to do and remember whether you decide to sell your firm or close it for good.

Protecting your files from ransomware extortion

  • March 01, 2015
  • James Careless

Law firm files are taken captive by malicious software and held for ransom. It was a good storyline for an episode of The Good Wife this season, and more common in real life than you might think – even for small or sole proprietor firms in Canada. James Careless talks about the problem, and some of the solutions.

The politics of offices: Where should you work?

  • March 01, 2015
  • Carolynne Burkholder-James

Technology and the changing nature of the workplace itself mean there are a lot of office options for today’s sole or small practitioner, from the home-based office to space shared with other professionals, to a virtual office that can be accessed from wherever you happen to be. Finding the one that fits your needs is what’s important, writes Carolynne Burkholder-James.

Building a better Website

  • December 11, 2014
  • Jean Cumming

Here are some tips from legal technology consultants about how to get the most from your law practice's Website.