Increasing access to justice for all Canadians: the greatest challenge to the rule of law in Canada

  • May 14, 2014


Deterred by the costs of legal action, too many individuals and business owners walked away from proper legal representation1. To empower Canadians to both defend and pursue their legal rights, the CBA has set the goal that 75% of households should have some form of legal expense insurance by 2030. Let's work together to make this goal a reality. 

Cost certainty and access to justice

After-The-Event (ATE ) insurance is a fairly new type of insurance that protects your client after they become aware of the need to litigate. By offering ATE insurance to your clients, you ensure they are fully protected against their opponent’s adverse costs and own disbursements should the case fail or be abandoned. But ATE offers more than cost certainty for your clients, it also provides cost certainty for your law firm's associated investment in disbursements.

How does ATE work?

As with any insurance, your clients pay a premium. There is no upfront fee for ATE insurance and no interest is charged on the premium, which is only due upon successful conclusion of the matter. A block rating can be provided for most personal injury firms, so you and your clients know exactly how much the policy costs even before applying.

ATE insurance is available across Canada (except in Quebec). Click for more information on ensuring the financial security of your clients.

End note

  1. Access to Justice or Exposure to Debt: Understanding a difficult choice for Canadians: DAS Canada whitepaper, May 2014

*This article was supplied to the CBA by DAS Canada.