CCLR Volume 30, No. 2

  • October 31, 2017


Mergers and Interim Orders under the Competition Act: The Competition Tribunal’s Decision in Parkland
Antonio Di Domenico (p. 157)

The Economics of Upward Pricing Pressure – Understanding the Parkland Case
Margaret Sanderson & Andy Baziliauskas (p. 168)

Mediating before the Competition Tribunal: Lessons from the Parkland mediation
John F. Rook & Emrys Davis (p. 179)

The [Not So] Good Fight? Fee Splitting in the Visa/MasterCard Class Action: the Merchant Law Group, Justice Perell, and the Ontario Court of Appeal
W. Michael G. Osborne (p. 190)


Year in Review (2016-2017)

Susan M. Hutton, Jessica Rutledge & Komil Joshi (p. 203)