Practice Management / Ethics

Fearless Advocacy: The Challenges of Representing an Unpopular Client

What to Do if You've Made a Mistake: Damage Control, Professional Obligations, and Seeking Help

Moving Up, Changing Gears, and Redefining Yourself: Pivotal Career Moments for Lawyers

Building Client Trust: Managing Expectations and Developing Healthy Client-Laywer Relationships

Working with Support Staff: Appreciating your Employees While Getting Results

Wellness at your Desk: Physical and Mental Health Tips for Busy Lawyers

Tough Conversations: Setting the Stage for Productive Outcomes

Persuasion for Lawyers: Applying the Science of Influence 

Overcome Perfectionism: Improve Your Performance and Get Stuff Done

The Resilient Lawyer: Tools for Coping with Adversity, Setbacks and Stress

Boost Your Productivity I: Mastering Your Time

Boost Your Productivity II: Working Effectively with Support Staff

Protecting Your Client, Yourself and Your Firm: When and How to Use an Engagement Letter

Waiving Solicitor-Client Privilege: Tips and Traps

Drafting Effective Retainer Agreements

Health and Wellness Issues Impacting the Legal Profession in Canada

Cyber Liability Protection – Risk Assessment and Risk Management in the Era of Digital Due Diligence

Don’t Be a Target: Guard Yourself Against Fraud

Dealing with Difficult Clients: Practical Advice and Solutions

Dealing with Difficult People

Defend Your Data: Protecting Client Confidentiality in a Digital World

File Management from A to Z

Procrastination: How to Nip It in the Bud

Evaluating Your Ethical Practices: Get it Right Before it Goes Left

FAQs for In-House Counsel on Privilege and Confidentiality

Understanding McKercher: Staying on the Right Side of the Bright Line

What You Need to Know: A Primer on the FLSC Model Code of Professional Conduct

Resistance, Acceptance, and Great Big Sticks: A Lawyer's Guide to Coping with Adversity in the Workplace

Communicating with Government: Ethical and Professional Implications