Essentials for Corporate Lawyers

Applying Accounting Principles to Legal Drafting

Avoiding Corporate Drafting Blunders

Drafting Arbitration Clauses

Drafting Asset Purchase Agreements

Drafting Indemnity and Limitation of Liability Clauses

Business Valuation: What Lawyers Need to Know

Drafting Intellectual Property Licensing Agreements

Financial Statements in Practice: M&A Case Study

Financial Ratios and Financial Statement Analysis

Drafting Pre-Contractual Agreements

Income for Tax Purposes: What Corporate Lawyers Need to Know

Drafting Critical Boilerplate Provisions

Understanding Income Statements

Avoiding Ambiguity in Corporate and Commercial Documents

Accounting Fundamentals for Lawyers

Understanding Balance Sheets

Corporate Reorganization: What Business Lawyers Need to Know

Business Acquisition: Deal Tactics and Boardroom Strategies

Workforce Planning: Employee Considerations for the Business Lifecycle

Corporate IP Strategy: Protecting Knowledge Assets During the Business Lifecycle

Business Finance for Lawyers II: From Venture Capital to Private Equity

Business Finance for Lawyers I: Raising Seed Capital for a Startup

Shareholder Agreement: How to Draft Effective and Enforceable Provisions

Representing a Business: From Startups to Mature Corporations

Advising Corporate Clients on Liquidation and Dissolution

Closing the Deal: A Transactional Lawyer's Toolkit

Continuance Under the New Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act

Corporate Governance: The Role of Directors

Cross-Border Deal Considerations: US and Europe 

Drafting a  Shareholder Agreement

Drafting a Commercial Lease Agreement

Drafting an Employment Agreement

Drafting an IP Licensing Agreement

Drafting the Deal: The Purchase and Sale Agreement

Environmental Issues in Corporate Transactions

Financing the Deal: Secured Loan Transactions

Investigating the Deal: Effective Due Diligence

IP Issues in Corporate Transactions

Managing Deal Risk: Drafting Financial Terms

Negotiating the Deal: Preliminary Agreements

Planning and Managing an M&A Deal

Raising Capital: Private Placements and Public Offerings

Regulatory Issues: Competition and Anti-Corruption Compliance

Financial Statement Audits: Guidance for Effective Lawyer - Auditor Communication

Avoiding the 10 Biggest Mistakes Business Lawyers Make

Crowdfunding: What You Need to Know

Drafting Pitfalls: Most Litigated Business Clauses

Risk Management for Business Lawyers

Structuring the Deal: Asset vs. Share Transactions