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Pension bywords: Solvency, sustainability, security

  • February 25, 2019

Three guiding principles must form the framework of any discussion of retirement security, according to the CBA’s Pensions and Benefits Law Section: Income security, sustainability and, as much as possible, the harmonization of rules between the federal government and the provinces.

Seeking FLSC help in compiling data about articles

  • February 25, 2019

Canadian law students article for a year as part of the requirements to be called to the bar. It’s a mandatory rite of passage where they spend long hours learning (ideally) the kind of hands-on business of law that isn’t taught in law school.

LMIA process harmful to Canadian business, slows job growth

  • November 27, 2018

The CBA’s Immigration Law Section is taking the federal review of the standards and fees associated with the Temporary Foreign Worker Program Labour Market Impact Assessment Process as an opportunity to reiterate its arguments that the process does not serve the interests of employers – and can have a negative impact on the employment of Canadians.

LGBTI+ individuals being targeted in Tanzania

  • November 23, 2018

The headlines out of Tanzania tell the story of dangerous and deadly times for the country’s LGBTI+ community, as many gay men are in hiding from vigilante squads on a mission to find and arrest them.