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November 2018 Edition

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Broadening our Influence

The CBA’s Policy Committee and member volunteers stay busy all year speaking to governments, courts and regulators on your behalf. And we’d like you to know more about it. This monthly newsletter features a compendium of blog posts about recent CBA initiatives, and status reports on proposed federal legislation, regulatory changes and government consultations.

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Help wanted: Leaders like you

You’ve been honing your skills – in leadership, judgment, assessing complex legal issues. You want new challenges. Interested in being Chairperson of the Civilian Review and Complaints Commission for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, or Ombudsperson for National Defence and Canadian Forces? How about a seat on the federal bench? Well step right up – those positions and more are open, all you need to do is apply. Check out federal appointment opportunities and open positions on the bench. The government considers bilingual proficiency and diversity in filling these positions. Are they looking for you? Look here for provincial and territorial opportunities.

CBA to intervene in standard-of-review hearings

The CBA has been granted leave to intervene in three standard-of-review cases that are being heard together by the Supreme Court. The cases, Minister of Citizenship and Immigration v Alexander VavilovBell Canada, et al. v Attorney General of Canada, and National Football League, et al. v Attorney General of Canada, will be heard starting on Dec. 4.

Proposed workplace harassment regulations put burden on the victim

Victims of workplace harassment often have obstacles to complaining about it – which is why the proposed regulatory framework for bill C-65 should allow a way for witnesses to initiate complaints – and put an obligation on the employer to act even without a formal complaint.

Quantum of political participation: Proposed changes remove limits for charities

The CBA’s Charities and Not-for-Profit Law Section welcomes a proposal that will lift the limits the law now imposes on political activities by charities, but there’s still a bit of a devil in the details.

Input tax credit rules ain’t broke – careful how you fix ‘em

The big question the Commodity, Tax, Customs and Trade Law Section had after reading proposed amendments to GST/HST holding corporation rules was, “why?” The rules are fine the way they are.

Bench press: Applying to be a judge a long and wordy process

The judicial appointments process introduced in 2016 has lofty goals – transparency, diversity – but it also makes would-be judges go to new discursive lengths in order to apply – which is not necessarily a bad thing, the CBA says.

See latest statistics and demographic information on judicial applicants and appointees.


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CBA Focus on Parliament is a regular compendium of federal government bills, draft regulations, selected private members’ bills and other government initiatives. The CBA Legislation and Law Reform department has compiled this list for leaders of CBA Sections and Committees, as an overview of recent federal issues on which they may wish to comment.