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CBA Influence | May 2018

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Broadening our influence

The CBA’s Policy Committee and member volunteers stay busy all year speaking to governments, courts and regulators on your behalf. And we’d like you to know more about it. This monthly newsletter features a compendium of blog posts about recent CBA initiatives, and status reports on proposed federal legislation, regulatory changes and government consultations.

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Help wanted: Leaders like you

You’ve been honing your skills – in leadership, judgment, assessing complex legal issues. You want new challenges. Interested in chairing the Social Security Tribunal? Fancy yourself in the job of Commissioner of Competition? Well step right up – those positions and more are open, all you need to do is apply. Check out federal appointment opportunities and open positions on the bench. The government considers bilingual proficiency and diversity in filling these positions. Are they looking for you? Look here for provincial and territorial opportunities.

Proceeds of Crime Act: Leave privilege out of it

The CBA supports the objective of preventing money laundering, but takes issue with the idea that breaching solicitor-client privilege is the way to do it. The Association weighs in on the government’s statutory review of the Proceeds of Crime Act, and of the FLSC’s proposed amendments to its Model Rules dealing with the subject.

Amendments to Bill C-45 good, but more needed

The Cannabis Act, set to become law this summer, has been amended on its way to the Red Chamber for review. The CBA is happy with some of the changes, but still has serious concerns with Bill C-45 as it stands.

Highlights from the 2018 federal budget

The CBA’s Immigration Law Section has written to the federal government praising what it sees as the high points of the 2018 budget. In fact, the budget ticked a lot of CBA boxes – here are some highlights.

Focus on Parliament

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CBA Focus on Parliament is a regular compendium of federal government bills, draft regulations, selected private members’ bills and other government initiatives.