National Section By-Laws

  • February 15, 2003

WHEREAS the Elder Law Section wishes to authorize participation by Section affiliates;

WHEREAS the Alternative Dispute Resolution Section has approved terms of reference;

WHEREAS in accordance with article 57 of CBA By-Law No. 1, National Sections can adopt their own By-Law, tailored to meet the Section's particular needs;

WHEREAS the Intellectual Property Section has approved changes to make its Section By-law consistent with the language and structure of the Model National Section By-Law;

WHEREAS the Bankruptcy & Insolvency, Elder Law, and Labour & Employment Law Sections have approved Section By-Laws to reflect the operation of their respective Sections;


  1. Article 54 of CBA By-Law No. 1 be amended to add:

    "(7) Membership in Elder Law Section: Any person or organization interested in elder law and policy matters, but who is not otherwise eligible to become a member of the Association, may upon application become an affiliate of the National Elder Law Section for the sole purpose of participation in the activities of that Section."

  2. The terms of reference for the National Elder Law Section in Article 6(7) of the CBA Regulation be repealed and replaced with:

    "Elder Law and practice relating to the elderly and education to promote a greater awareness of the needs of the elderly."

  3. Article 6(7) of the CBA Regulation be amended to add the following terms of reference for the Alternative Dispute Resolution Section:

    "Alternative Dispute Resolution The practice and promotion of various forms of alternative dispute resolution including but not limited to arbitration, collaborative law, facilitation and mediation."

  4. The Intellectual Property Section By-Law be repealed and replaced with Annex 1.
  5. Annex 2 be adopted as the By-Law of the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Section.
  6. Annex 3 be adopted as the By-Law of the Elder Law Section.
  7. Annex 4 be adopted as the By-Law of the Labour and Employment Law Section.

Certified true copy of a resolution carried as amended by the Council of the Canadian Bar Association at the Mid-Winter Meeting held in Banff, AB February 14-16, 2003.

John D.V. Hoyles

Executive Director/Directeur exécutif