Statement from CBA President Steeves Bujold on Uganda’s anti-LGBTQ regime

  • April 05, 2023

Adding its voice to the International Bar Association’s statement on Uganda’s anti-LGBTQ regime, the Canadian Bar Association strongly condemns the expansion of that country’s recent amendments to its Anti-Homosexuality Bill, says CBA President Steeves Bujold. The bill now includes life imprisonment for consensual same-sex relationships and the death penalty for the crime of “aggravated homosexuality,” which is “committed where the offender is living with HIV; is a parent, guardian, or has authority or control over the person against whom the offence is committed.”

“The CBA supports the rights of LGBTQ people everywhere and has previously adopted resolutions in support of LGBTQ people living in Russia, Cameroon and Uganda, specifically,” Bujold says. “We unequivocally condemn Uganda’s latest bill.”

We continue to stand with the international community, including the International Bar Association, in condemning serious human rights violations in Uganda.