Statement from the CBA President on killings in London, ON

  • June 14, 2021

The Canadian Bar Association is deeply dismayed by the killing of four members of a family in London, Ont., who were targeted because they were Muslim. On behalf of CBA members across Canada I extend condolences to family and friends of the victims.

Though Canada congratulates itself on peaceful multiculturalism, it is clear that racism, and racially motivated hate speech and violence, are as much a problem here as elsewhere.

None of us is born a racist: it is something we learn. It is a weed that grows in dark places, nurtured by spite and ignorance – one that must be attacked at the roots if it is to be eradicated.

I call on members of the legal profession, the justice system, educators, governments and institutions to work together to shine a light on the menace that is racism, to fight the battles that will see this country live up to its aspirations by becoming a place that is truly welcoming to the world’s diversity.

Brad Regehr
CBA President