CBA Immigration lawyers offer assistance to victims of Iran tragedy

  • January 22, 2020

OTTAWA – On Jan. 8 Iran shot down a Ukrainian passenger jet, killing all those on board, including 57 Canadian citizens and another 29 permanent residents. Their families are now left looking for answers – and often needing legal assistance.

Lawyers in the Canadian Bar Association Immigration Law Section are spearheading an initiative to provide services relating to immigration issues, without charge, for individuals who have been affected by the Ukraine International Airlines Flight PS752 tragedy.


“The loss of these individuals ripples out and touches communities both within Canada and abroad. Tragedies such as this are hard enough to deal with when they happen domestically, when you’re familiar with the laws and the language. When you add distance, uncertainty over Canadian immigration law, and language barriers, it just makes an already difficult time even harder.”

“As they’ve done in the past, such as following the earthquake in Haiti or the tsunami in Thailand, members of the CBA’s Immigration Law Section are offering their time and expertise to help those affected by this tragedy where they can.”

- CBA President Vivene Salmon

The CBA lawyers are offering initial legal consultations, review of visa applications and advice for those changing status.

Quick facts

  • The CBA volunteers either speak Farsi or Ukrainian, or have staff who do.
  • Lawyers will determine on a case-by-case basis whether applicants are eligible for free services.
  • Names and contact information for volunteer lawyers are available on our website.

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