Making a difference abroad: CBA’s Young Lawyers International Program is back

  • February 05, 2018

Ottawa – February 5, 2018 The CBA International Initiatives is thrilled to announce that they have been selected by Global Affairs Canada as a grant recipient for its Young Lawyers International Program (YLIP). The grant will provide YLIP with funding for 32 interns each year, over the next four years, to be placed with organizations in developing countries.

Interns will spend a minimum of six months at overseas placements where they will support partners to promote democratic development through strengthening rule of law, protecting human and environmental rights, supporting constitution building, increasing access to justice, and promoting legal empowerment. Interns and partners’ efforts to effect change in these areas directly supports and reinforces Canada's development agenda including securing the future of children and youth, advancing democracy, and ensuring sustainable economic growth.


Since 2002 our interns have made important contributions to the development of human rights, constitutional reform and rule of law around the world. I am proud that once again we are being recognized by Global Affairs Canada for the programs great work and look forward to the next round of young legal professionals joining the new project cycle!”

Kerry Simmons, Q.C.


  • Since 2002, YLIP has placed more than 160 of Canada’s brightest young law graduates and lawyers in internships
  • Internship placements  are at least six months, and include pre-departure and reintegration time in Canada
  • The program will send 32 interns per year for four years to 10 different locations.
  • Locations of internships include: Southern Africa (South Africa, Namibia, Madagascar), East Africa (Kenya); the Caribbean (Guyana); Central Asia (Kyrgyzstan); Southeast Asia (Vietnam, Myanmar); and Eastern Europe and the Balkans (Ukraine, Serbia).
  • Overseas placement partners are national and international NGOs and professional bodies that respond to demonstrated needs in their countries and regions.


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