Robert Brun, Q.C. elected national 2nd Vice-President

  • February 19, 2010

Robert Brun, Queen's Counsel of Vancouver is the CBA’s new Second Vice-President-elect. CBA President Kevin Carroll, Queen's Counsel made the announcement on March 19 following the vote by CBA Council.

Robert Brun will become Second Vice-President at the CBA’s Canadian Legal Conference in Niagara in August, the first step on the way to the presidency of the CBA in 2012.

Kevin Carroll congratulated both Robert Brun, Queen's Counsel, and Ken Walton, Queen's Counsel, of Victoria, who also ran for the position. He praised both for their dedication to the CBA.

With over 30 years of CBA experience, nationally and provincially, Robert Brun has been a partner at Harris & Brun since 1985. Called to the bar in 1978, Robert has a special interest in personal injury and workers’ compensation law. He is also experienced in the fields of insurance and administrative law.



The CBA requires a committed, passionate, progressive President to lead and support the Executive into this new decade.

Service within the profession

Having accumulated extensive legal experience at the Bar in the County of Vancouver since 1978 – arguing cases in the BC Supreme Court, Court of Appeal, and Supreme Court of Canada – I am mindful of the intricate professional, business and social issues that lawyers must face on a daily basis.  Over 30 years of CBA experience, nationally and provincially, combined with my experience as a Bencher of the Law Society of British Columbia, puts me in good stead to lead the National Executive in evaluating the paramount issues facing our profession.  I have been a partner at Harris & Brun since 1985. (see

Canadian Bar Association:

  • CBA National Task Force on Conflicts; member (2007-present);
  • Justice Review Task Force; CBA appointee (2006-present);
  • CBABC Immediate Past President (2004-2005);
  • Judicial Council; CBA appointee (2004);
  • CBABC President (2003-2004);
  • CBA National Board of Directors; member (2003-2004);
  • CBABC Vice President (2002-2003);
  • CBABC Planning and Priority Committee; Chair (2002-2003);
  • CBABC Secretary Treasurer (2001-2002);
  • CBABC Government Relations Committee; Chair (2001-2002)
  • CBABC Executive Member at Large (2000-2001);
  • CBABC Equality Committee; Executive Liaison (2000); and
  • CBABC Provincial Council, member (1997-2003).

Law Society of British Columbia:

  • Bencher (2005, 2008-present);
  • Practice Standards Committee; Vice-Chair (2008-present);
  • Unauthorized Practice of Law Committee; member (2008-2009);
  • Complainant Review Committee; member (2009);
  • Equity and Diversity Advisory Committee; member (2005-2008); Chair (2010); and
  • Disability Research Working Group; member (2005-2008).



  • Trial Lawyers Association of British Columbia (TLABC), member (1991-present);
  • Professional Legal Training Course; guest lecturer (1990-present);
  • Continuing Legal Education (CLE); author/presenter of over 30 papers/books (1982-present): see;
  • Adjuster Training Program, Insurance Corporation of British Columbia; guest lecturer (1986-2001);
  • TLABC Public Affairs Committee  (1996-1998);
  • Insurance Law, Capilano College; course instructor (1993-1997); and
  • Workers Compensation Board of British Columbia, Legal Services Department, (1979-1984).


Building upon our predecessors’ vision and leadership, I intend to focus on attaining the following objectives:

Leadership: I will strive to implement the stated goals of the CBA Mission Statement benefiting all members across Canada – even in the most rural of communities – by consulting with all 13 Branches of our Association; Membership: I will work towards retaining and increasing membership enrollment in the CBA by raising awareness of the substantial benefits of CBA membership to individuals and the profession; and Advocacy:

  • Rule of Law: I will work nationally and with the Branches to improve our legal system by promoting the Rule of Law and assisting in the development of laws that protect the public interest by exposing principal issues in both the professional and public interest – I will ensure the views of the CBA are known in the corridors of Parliament; and
  • Independent legal profession: I will take every opportunity to explain the values of public accountability and professional independence to instill confidence in our clients. The importance of  maintaining an independent, self-governing profession cannot be overstated.

As members of the CBA, we must be forward-thinking and poised so as to anticipate and respond to the ever-changing demands of our current and future constituencies.  What we achieve inwardly, within our Association, will change outer reality for the entire legal profession.

Life Experience

In seeking this position I have the support of Pam, my spouse of 35 years, and my three children, who have been  frequent attendees at CBA functions over the years. My eldest son, James, now serves as an officer in the RCN, Jennifer is an articled student at Guild Yule LLP in Vancouver, and Kent is a  student at SFU and a current member of the Canadian National Bobsleigh team.

In the end, when you mark your ballot, I ask you to consider these factors: my life experience; my 30-year commitment to our Association; and my platform with its focus on leadership, membership, and advocacy.  I ask for your support.  Thank you.