New CBA resource for access to justice

  • November 03, 2020

It’s long been acknowledged that Canada is at a crisis point when it comes to access to justice. And while no lawyer would argue for a less accessible justice system, it’s hard to know where to begin to argue for change.

That’s why the CBA’s Access to Justice Subcommittee has developed a guide aimed at empowering members to advocate for necessary changes.

“As lawyers and notaries, we have a professional duty to the courts, the justice system and the public,” the guide says. “We need people to feel confident that the justice system is fair and accessible to all. Governments need to invest more and develop creative solutions to our access to justice problem. Change only comes when governments are pressured to act.”

Building on past work, notably the Reaching Equal Justice Report, the guide is divided into three sections: Preventing Problems, Providing Legal Services and Transforming Justice. Each section provides background to the issues and links to resources created by the CBA and others.

The goal of the guide is to give members the information and tools to talk about access to justice with colleagues, clients and communities, post on social media about access to justice issues, and to speak with politicians about the problems – and possible solutions.