After the pandemic: Modernizing our privacy laws

  • November 03, 2020

Tune in to our next After the Pandemic series, where we discuss emerging issues in law in a world transformed. In less than a year, Covid-19 has stirred conversations about the need to update our laws to the realities of the 21st century.  Over the next few months, we will be looking at different areas of law and asking our guests what changes they would like to see in their area of practice to make the law fit for purpose.

This month on the podcast, Yves Faguy discusses privacy law and data protection with Sinziana Gutiu, a privacy and cybersecurity lawyer. Gutiu shares her insights into trends shaping the privacy debate at home and abroad, the impact of the Schrems II ruling, Quebec’s effort at updating its privacy law regime, and coming tech developments that we should be thinking about while crafting new laws.