2020 Law for the Future Fund grants

  • November 03, 2020

COVID-19, along with gender and race issues dominate the initiatives being funded through the Law for the Future Fund’s 2020 grants.

This year the LFFF has awarded grants totalling more than $200,000 to eight projects studying everything from Indigenous legal issues during the COVID-19 pandemic to the impact a universal basic income would have on the feminization of poverty.

This year’s initiatives:

  • The Right to Decent Work: Envisioning Supply Chain Transparency Legislation in Canada - International Centre for Criminal Law Reform and Criminal Justice Policy, $44,525
  • Common Law Police Powers in Canada – Judicial Creation in the Charter Era - University of Manitoba Faculty of Law, $32,038
  • Establishing a Victim Advocate Program for Survivors of Sexual Violence -Sexual Violence New Brunswick , $25,280
  • Assessing Legal Issues and Challenges Faced in Indigenous Legal Advocacy During the COVID-19 Pandemic - Department of Indigenous Studies, University of Saskatchewan, $20,620.48
  • Assessing the Utility of a Universal Basic Income in Addressing the Feminization of Poverty - Women’s Legal Education and Action Fund, $25,000
  • Pretrial Detention and the Right to Reasonable Bail - Canadian Civil Liberties Association, $29,550
  • Inequality, Health Determinants, and the Limits of Pandemic Law and Policy: Reimagining the future of British Columbia’s Pandemic law after COVID-19 - Faculty of Law, University of Victoria, $15,300
  • Roundtable on Pay Equity in the Legal Profession - Canadian Bar Foundation – Women Lawyers Forum, $10,000

Since its foundation in 1984, the Law for the Future Fund has provided financial support for more than 185 innovative Canadian research projects in the field of law. With an annual granting budget of approximately $200,000, the LFFF has delivered more than $3.9 million in assistance to date. The deadline for applications each year is May 1. Application information may be found on our website.