Determine if practice groups are working for you at November’s Law Firm Leadership Conference

  • September 23, 2019

Practice groups are a prominent feature of law firm management in Canada, but— are they working? That question—and the answers to it—will be the focus of the CBA’s annual Law Firm Leadership conference on November 7, 2019 in Toronto.

Previous Law Firm Leadership conferences have focused on the challenges and concerns specific to managing partners. This year, the CBA is expanding the invitation to include practice group leaders, in recognition of the many layers and levels of leadership within a firm.

Whether you manage a firm or lead a practice group, the insights from this conference will help you make the most of your existing practice groups and determine whether you should develop new ones. 

Opening Plenary: Rethinking firm structure: do we need practice groups?

Mark Cohen, CEO and Founder of Legal Mosaic, will answer this foundational question, based on his 40 years of experience in the profession and knowledge of the global legal market.

Session 1: Why practice groups fail?

Karen MacKay, Phoenix Legal

Luncheon Keynote: Tone-Setting for A Culture of Inclusion: What Leaders Need to Know

Nikki Gershbain, Chief Inclusion Officer, McCarthy TĂ©trault

Session 2: Making the most out of your practice groups

Closing plenary: Organizational behaviour and innovation for law firm managers and practice group leaders

Dr. Larry Richard, LawyerBrain

Registration is now open for the 2019 CBA Law Firm Leadership Conference! Join us in Toronto on November 7 for an interactive day. Your practice groups (and clients!) will thank you.