YLIP alumni have fun storming the castle at Queen’s Law conference in the UK

  • November 04, 2019

Alumni of the Young Lawyers International Program took their place atop the castle walls at a two-day conference in May that brought together Queen’s law students, alumni, faculty, and experts in various fields of international law. The conference, “International Law at a Crossroads” took place at the Bader International Study Centre, located at the spectacular Herstmonceux Castle in East Sussex, United Kingdom.

Sheru Abdulhusein and Samantha Wynne both spoke on the International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law panel. Melissa McKay was a participant on the Transnational and International Criminal Law panel, and presented on the subject of Putting Patriarchy on Trial: Feminist Legal Theory in International Criminal Litigation.

Wynne presented on the subject of International Norms and the Status of the Responsibility to Protect, and her presentation generated a discussion about the ways to hard law obligations to reign in power politics.

Abdulhusein presented on socioeconomic rights— how they could be advanced/realized, and some of the barriers in realizing these rights (such as the right to housing). She also discussed the implications of Canada’s failure to implement the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights. Her presentation was based on work that she did or was exposed to during her YLIP placement.

All the presenters received excellent feedback from students, faculty, and leading international law experts. They enjoyed sharing their perspectives on current issues in the field and discussing their YLIP experiences with law students keen on pursuing careers in international law. It was an incredible opportunity to engage with people who are passionate about international law, with the bonus of being able to wander the beautiful castle grounds during conference breaks.

YLIP provided Abdulhusein and Wynne with a small amount of financial support to attend the conference, from an innovative activities fund that it administers on behalf of Global Affairs Canada. The fund helps to encourage interns engage in new ways with the public on matters of international law.

Sheru, Sam and Melissa

(Left to right) YLIP alumni Sheru Abdulhusein, Samantha Wynne and Melissa McKay participated in a Queen’s Law conference on international law in May 2019, held at the Herstmonceux Castle in the United Kingdom.