Podcasts for small and solo firms

  • March 12, 2019

Business Development for Small and Solo Firms

You're growing your small or solo firm, but does that mean attending every networking event? How do you fill your rolodex without emptying your energy reserves? When you're building a small or solo practice, there are so many competing priorities. In this episode, we chat with Martine Boucher of Simplex Legal to discern how to make the most of opportunities, without wasting your precious time. What does effective networking look like anyway?


How to become a Legal Influencer

Learning the ins and outs of law is enough, but legal marketing? Legal influencer Jamie Benizri shares the inside scoop on how he built his LinkedIn network to 30,000 people and how to leverage these online contacts into in-person clients.


How to sit on a board while managing a full-time practice

Thinking about joining a board of directors? Looking for an opportunity to give back and also develop professionally? Today’s episode breaks down everything you need to know. We’ve assembled an entire panel to answer your questions. Our guests on this episode are all members of the Canadian Bar Association’s board of directors. Twila Reid, Jason Cooke and Jeff Howe are here to tell us the risks and the rewards of sitting on that non-profit board.