The Very Model of an Honorary Colonel

  • February 06, 2015

CBA CEO John Hoyles has been awarded the rank of colonel by the Judge Advocate General. While the rank is honorary it does carry duties with it. Our CEO has also learned the Uniform Code is not just a matter of Military Justice.

Linda K. Roberston's Blog

  • January 05, 2015

Women Lawyers Forum Co-Chair, Linda K. Robertson, has a featured blog on slaw.ca, a Canadian online legal magazine.

Statement on sexual harassment and assault

  • December 25, 2014

In response to media reports of sexual misconduct in two Canadian institutions this fall, members present at the in-person meeting drafted a statement expressing the Women Lawyers Forum’s concern over the issue of sexual harassment and assault, and…

Message from the Chair

  • December 25, 2014

The law can be an isolating experience, writes Women Lawyers Forum co-Chair Linda Robertson, who takes the opportunity in this issue’s Message from the Chair to write about the value she finds in women’s groups, particularly the WLF.