LFFF-funded project offers database of psychology and law research

  • April 02, 2019

The Psychology Law Evidence Database, created to address the need for high-quality research relevant to the field of psychology and the law, is up and running.

The database developed and maintained by Dr. Alana Cook and Dr. Ron Roesh at Simon Fraser University, and Dr. Patricia Zapf of Palo Alto University, was funded in part by the Law for the Future Fund.

The researchers say field of psychology and the law is vast and becoming increasingly challenging to navigate.

“Currently the field of psychology and law has a large body of evidence to support those interested in making informed decisions about the legal system and those involved in the legal system, but no comprehensive central repository of this evidence exists,” the website says. “This site is intended to reflect a comprehensive, continuously updated, freely available database of top quality scientific papers about psychology and law for policy makers, stakeholders, the general public, practitioners, and researchers.”

The database will offer source particulars and direct links to full text (when not prohibited by copyright). New sources will be added to the database on a regular basis. Partners in maintaining the PLED are the Mental Health, Law, and Policy Institute (MHLPI) at Simon Fraser University, Consolidated Continuing Education & Professional Training (CONCEPT), and Palo Alto University.

To access the PLED, please visit www.psychologylawevidence.com.