Three new Legal Health Checks for your clients

  • March 19, 2018

Immigration, travelling with children and pensions are the topics covered in the three new Legal Health Checks offered by the CBA for you to make available to your clients.

There’s more to travelling with children than just making sure each one has a valid passport, especially if the parents are separated or divorced. “Travelling with a child?” will help parents navigate the pitfalls.

Immigrating to Canada offers tips for applying to come to Canada, and for finding the right help.

How safe is your pension? explains the difference between defined-contribution and defined-benefit pensions, and outlines what happens when an employer goes bankrupt.

Check out our website to see the full range of cards, in print-ready format, offering guidance on things like general legal matters, money issues, relationships, separation and divorce, that you can hand out to clients to help them stay informed of their rights and responsibilities.