Happy retirement to CBIA CEO Henry Kugler

  • June 13, 2018

Henry KuglerHenry Kugler, longstanding CEO and President of the Canadian Bar Insurance Association and Lawyers Financial – and noted PB&J fan – begins his retirement on June 30.

Henry took the job of Chief Operating Officer at the CBIA in 2002 and since then has worked with many CBA board members and staff, including current Treasurer Dean Scaletta, who was part of the negotiations to amalgamate the CBIA with the CBA Financial Services Corporation in 2016.

“While we were figuratively (and physically!) on ‘opposite sides’ of the negotiating table, Henry made it clear from the outset that his goal was to achieve an agreement which would position the combined organization (since re-branded as Lawyers Financial) to be the best it could be in terms of operational efficiency, product line and service to subscribers, while at the same time providing maximum benefit to the CBA and its members,” says Dean.

“Although the negotiations were difficult and, at times, tense, Henry never wavered from his commitment to do what was best for all of the stakeholders. … I found myself developing a tremendous admiration for how he conducted himself throughout the discussions.”

CBA member John Waddell notes that Henry is a golfer, a lifelong hockey player and a fan of the Chicago Black Hawks. “He pursues all of his personal activities with a calm dignity.”

It’s probably no coincidence that CBIA board meetings tended to take place near excellent golf courses.  It was also likely not a coincidence that his favourite sandwich (peanut butter on whole wheat, no butter, with strawberry jam) was on the menu for every CBIA board lunch.

CBA members and staff who have worked with him note his kindness, his patience, his work ethic and his desire to make the correct decisions for all involved in any situation.

We wish him a happy and productive retirement.