Tax Matters Toolkits updated for 2018

  • August 22, 2018

A lot can change in four years, but as they say, one thing that’s certain is taxes.

That’s why the CBA Family Law Section, in collaboration with Justice Canada, the Canada Revenue Agency and Finance Canada, has updated its popular Tax Matters Toolkit to reflect new legislation for couples facing separation and divorce.

The toolkit is available in two versions – one for lawyers, and one for clients. Both are available in HTML or as downloadable, accessible PDFs.

The toolkits will help lawyers and their clients understand how tax rules might affect their finances after separation or divorce. It explains the various credits, benefits and deductions, and will help all parties navigate and apply Canada’s often complex tax laws.

Topics include communicating with the Canada Revenue Agency, filling out tax forms, deducting legal fees, and tax matters that relate to spousal support, child support, pensions and other benefits.