Five Canadian lawyers. Five great reasons to renew.

  • August 09, 2018

Time to refresh and renew!

They say membership has its benefits, and that’s certainly the case when it comes to joining or renewing your membership in the Canadian Bar Association (CBA). More than 36,000 lawyers throughout Canada know firsthand the value of being a CBA member. From career development and networking opportunities to influencing legal policies and the Canadian judicial system, being a member of the CBA means being actively involved in your profession.

Hear from five leading Canadian lawyers on why they choose to renew each year with the CBA. They hail from different regions of Canada and work in different areas of the law. Some are early career lawyers and others are senior partners in major law firms. Regardless, they all share the common goal of safeguarding and advancing the judicial system in this country. And being a CBA member helps them accomplish that goal.

Quotation Mark

My CBA membership provides me with networking opportunities unparalleled in scope. Over the years I have met professionals throughout my areas of practice as well as others in different practice areas or in areas of mutual interest.
– Preston Parsons, Vancouver, BC


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The legal profession is undergoing a period of significant transition. As lawyers, it’s up to each of us to be part of the change. My CBA membership gives me a seat at the table to be a strong advocate for the legal profession.
– Vivene Salmon, Toronto, ON


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Through its advocacy and law reform work, the CBA employs the expertise of its members to weigh in on important legal issues. Through my affiliation with the National Aboriginal Law Section, I am connected to practitioners from across the country who give me a broader view of my area of practice than possible through my law society alone, thus enhancing my professional development.
– Jameela Jeeroburkhan, Montreal, QC


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Through training opportunities and various forums, the CBA has enhanced my practice since my admission to the Quebec Bar… The CBA makes me feel more engaged.
– Martin Thiboutot, Quebec City, QC


Quotation Mark

I'm renewing because the CBA has allowed me to learn from lawyers with a variety of backgrounds and helped me become a better lawyer. 
– Level Chan, Halifax, NS


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