NEERLS Summit: The intersection of energy and the environment

  • April 12, 2018

Lawyers with an interest in energy and the environment are invited to join their colleagues in Winnipeg at the end of May for a two-day conference exploring emerging trends and recent developments in environmental, energy and natural resources law.

Sessions at the conference feature an examination of proposed environmental impact legislation and a case study of an indigenous-led assessment; a environmental due-diligence toolkit for identifying, allocating and mitigating risks; a look at the biomass sector; a discussion about the Redwater case; and a panel discussion about ethics in investigtions. All that plus a keynote speaker and that’s just Day 1.

Full conference agenda

The reception this year will be held at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights and will include a tour of the world’s only museum that explores human rights as a concept and aspiration.

It’s not too late to register – check out the conference website for more information.