Getting to know all about you

  • November 08, 2017

You can’t always get what you want – especially if the person trying to give it to you doesn’t know what that is. 

As part of its new strategic priorities, the CBA has committed to developing “deep, smart member intelligence” so that it will be in a better position to know what members want and provide it to you. 

That’s why the CBA has started working with Nanos Research, one of North America's premier research and strategy organizations, to conduct member surveys. The surveys will be done quarterly, but each of you will only be surveyed twice a year, in order to minimize research fatigue. 

The first survey went out to half the membership in July, 2017, and included questions whose answers were aimed at feeding into the Member Products, Programs and Services review. 

The second survey is in the field now. Answers to questions in that survey will feed into CBA's work related to offering distinct and relevant Professional Development and specialty groups, or Sections, that represent common interest groups or focus on substantive areas of the legal profession. 

Both surveys included common tracking questions relating to member satisfaction and value. When the second survey is completed, Nanos Research will use the responses to date to develop a model that will help the CBA improve communications with members and better manage membership renewal activities. The responses will also help establish benchmarks so that the CBA will be able to see trend lines measuring the success of our activities and their impact on member satisfaction and member value over time. We’ll see an analysis of the trends after the second and third surveys are completed. 

We encourage you to have a voice and share your opinion by responding to the CBA member surveys from Nanos Research, when they come your way.