Solutions Series: Practical tools for everyday problems

  • September 13, 2016

CBA Solution SeriesWe all know them: the guy who enters a room full of strangers and leaves with a room full of friends – and opportunities; the woman who can cut through the noise to find a compromise solution all sides can deal with; the associates who stay on track no matter what the partners throw their way.

Feeling envious of their professional superpower is a perfectly human reaction, but it’s not terribly productive. What is productive is figuring out how these people do these things so successfully, and using them as role models in your own day-to-day interactions.

To that end, this fall the CBA is rolling out a new lineup of Solution Series webinars to provide you with some of the tips and tricks successful people use to network, negotiate, and schmooze like a pro.

The Solutions Series has its roots in a PD session on dealing with unpleasant people offered at the 2015 CBA Legal Conference in Calgary. That session was so popular that we put together a pilot series in the spring, and now this fall we are offering eight webinars to help lawyers work their way more efficiently through tough situations.

The first session, Effortless Schmoozing, takes place on Sept. 20, and the rest will roll out over the course of the fall months.

Here’s a list of the webinars, with links to the sites with more details and registration information.  Sign up and learn to work less stressfully, more productively, and more practically, regardless of your practice area.

Effortless Schmoozing: A Lawyer’s Guide to Authentic Networking

Practical Project Management: Proven Strategies to Keep You on Track

The Resilient Lawyer: Tools for Coping with Adversity, Setbacks and Stress

Overcome Perfectionism: Improve Your Performance and Get Stuff Done

Making Smarter Decisions: Mitigating the Effects of the Irrational Brain

Breaking Deadlock: Reopening Hopelessly Blocked Negotiations

Persuasion for Lawyers: Applying the Science of Influence

Tough Conversations: Setting the Stage for Productive Outcomes