CBA President reveals Canadian secret

By Janet Fuhrer

Having had several opportunities to visit Whitehorse over the years, all CBA-related trips, I have come to appreciate why so many from outside choose to move there. It is one of Canada's best kept secrets!

According to Yukon Deputy Minister of Justice and long time CBA member Tom Ullyett, the last Mid-Winter was held by the Branch in 2004! Branch President Genevieve Chabot, her executive and the organizing team are to be congratulated for a successful (re-instituted) 2016 Mid-winter Conference, which included access to justice, ethics and wellness programs.

After a hectic day of interviews with the Whitehorse Star and the CBC, meetings with the Minister of Justice and the president of the Yukon Law Society, and the Mid-winter Conference, it was off to Yukon Wildlife Preserve and Takhini Hot Springs for a relaxing hike followed by a warm dip. The ever-present mountains make a stunning backdrop for the wildlife preserve. A leisurely five-kilometre stroll, with Genevieve Chabot, family and visiting friend in tow, took us past a bald eagle and snowy owl in rehab, elk, deer, rams and goats, bison and musk oxen, a friendly, hand reared moose (no petting allowed though), lynx and foxes, both red coated and arctic varieties. The weather was mild (above zero!) and sunny. We could not have asked for a better day.

Janet Fuhrer Yukon Wildlife Preserve