The world of social media is fast-paced and tends to slip by while you’re busy doing other things. So just in case you missed the CBA Legal Conference in Calgary, or were too busy enjoying it to catch our coverage of the event, we’ve collected some links to articles and photos to help you live – or relive – the event. It’ll be almost like being there.

Twitter, Facebook, and the National Magazine website were all hopping during the CBA Legal Conference in Calgary. If you missed the conference – or you were so busy networking and attending PD sessions, or taking advantage of the meditation and yoga opportunities in your down time so that you missed the social media activity – and you would like to see what people were saying as it happened … well, the beauty and curse of the internet is that things that go there rarely disappear.

Twitter: Search #cbalc to see what people were saying on Twitter; also check out the @CBA_News and @CBANatmag handles.

Facebook: Scroll through the CBA’s Facebook page to see what was posted there, and for more information about some of the initiatives announced at the conference, like our election strategy.

flikr: Check out our flikr pages for photos from the conference.

nationalmagazine.ca: National Magazine bloggers kept members up to date with what the speakers were saying, and reported what was going on during the sessions. Here are the blog posts from the conference and the Council meeting that preceded it: