Letters and Submissions

  • October 20, 2015

The CBA has made seven submissions to government since August on a variety of topics, as follows:

1. Intellectual Property Enforcement Guidelines:  Submission to Competition Bureau – The Competition Law Section and the Intellectual Property Section were partners on this submission, commenting on the Competition Bureau’s draft update of its Intellectual Property Enforcement Guidelines.

2. Multilateral Agreement on Pooled Registered Pension Plans:  Letter to Finance Canada – The Pensions and Benefits Law Section wrote to the Minister of State for Finance, Kevin Sorenson, as part of the consultation on the proposed multilateral agreement on PRPPs.

3. Hazards Related to Shipwrecks:  Letter to Transport Canada – The Maritime Law Section wrote to Daniel Haché, Director, International Marine Policy, in response to Transport Canada’s discussion paper on the proposed Canadian legislative regime for the remediation of hazards related to shipwrecks.

4. Canadian Aviation Regulation Amendments (Aerodrome Work Consultations):  Letter to Transport Canada – The Air and Space Law Section wrote to Transport Canada in response to the regulations amending the Canadian Aviation Regulations regarding aerodromes.

5. Voluntary Supplement to the Canada Pension Plan: Letter to Finance Canada – The Pensions and Benefits Law Section wrote to Finance Canada in response to the consultation on a voluntary supplement to the Canada Pension Plan announced in July 2015.

6. Humanitarian crisis of refugees fleeing conflict in Syria:  Letter to Prime Minister and Minister of Citizenship and Immigration – CBA President Janet Fuhrer and the Chair of the Immigration Law Section asked the Prime Minister and Immigration Minister to expedite the processing of applications from Syrian refugees and noted that member lawyers were willing to offer assistance pro bono to refugees and their families and sponsors.

7.  Extractive Sector Transparency Measures Act Implementation Tools:  Letter to Department of Natural Resources – The Anti-Corruption Team commented on the consultation on the Extractive Sector Transparency Measures Act (ESTMA) implementation tools released in August 2015.