What’s in your toolbox?

  • November 16, 2015

The CBA’s various sections, forums, initiatives and committees know that a well-appointed toolbox is key to being able to do a job properly.

Here’s a rundown of some recent tools – and a reminder of some perennial favourites:

Pandemics and the Workplace: A Resource for Lawyers – Prepared by the Labour and Employment Section, this guide looks at how the law might come into play when a contagious disease starts spreading through a community. Flu season is coming!

Promoting Preventive Legal Health: A toolkit for lawyers – This is a toolkit to help lawyers adopt a more preventive approach to practising law.

A Guide to Strategy for Lawyers –Richard Susskind’s practical guide for law firm strategizing.

Tax matters toolkit – Prepared by the Family Law Section, this toolkit helps lawyers and clients understand how tax law will affect future finances. There’s also information to be provided to clients.

Legal health checks – Legal health checks are meant as a heads-up to people who may not realize they have a legal issue, providing some basic information or steps to take. There are a series of cards touching on things like marital breakup, buying a house, and rights in non-unionized workplaces.

Ethical Practices Self-Evaluation Tool – This tool, developed by the CBA’s Ethics and Professional Responsibility Committee is meant to encourage better “ethical infrastructure” in legal practice.

Futures Readiness and Self-Assessment Tool – Are you ready for the future, as outlined in our 2014 report Transforming the Delivery of Legal Services in Canada? This tool will help you find out.

CBA Partnership Toolkit – Are you a young lawyer looking for a way onto the partnership track? This toolkit could help you out.

Succession Law: Tables of National Concordance – Prepared by the Wills, Estates and Trusts Section and updated regularly, the tables of national concordance are meant for use by CBA members working with varying laws across the country.