Anti-corruption coursebook

  • December 15, 2015

Professor Gerry Ferguson’s course Global Corruption: Law, Theory and Practice, which he’s teaching this fall at the University of Victoria, marks two firsts: it’s the first course on anti-corruption at a Canadian law school, and he’ll be teaching from the first coursebook focused on the law of anti-corruption available globally.

Members of the CBA’s Anti-Corruption Team acted as reviewers for the book, particularly on the chapter regarding the lawyer’s role in anti-corruption enforcement, and will be acknowledged on the title page. The CBA logo will appear alongside that of uVic, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, and possibly Transparency International.

The coursebook will be available for public download through the UNODC website for free and is available on the CBA Anti-Corruption Team website.

The coursebook has already piqued the interest of other faculties. The University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Law will likely be implementing a course on anti-corruption in time for the winter 2016 semester and will also be using this textbook. There is also interest from the University of Toronto, Queen’s University, and York U’s Osgoode Hall. It is expected that once the coursebook is available internationally, other faculties will also look to it for inspiration, and some firms have already begun to take notice of the fact that law schools are teaching the subject.

Through this project, the CBA has welcomed the opportunity to be part of educating students and lawyers on an emerging area of law. It is also just the beginning of potentially working with a national university network to further design and provide courses on this topic for law students.

Download the book.