Simon Potter

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Why did you join the CBA?

I first joined because I wanted to belong to my profession I wanted to feel as though I belonged in it and I rapidly found and continued to find over time that it wasn't just belonging it was participating, it was learning, it was seeing older lawyers in action, it was finding out what the profession was facing in different parts of Canada, it was in the end contributing so I found it to be much more than belonging I found a way to actually be part of my profession, to contribute, to learn and I'm still learning.

What do you value most about the CBA?

It's the people, it's the numbers of people who are simply trying to make the world a bit of a better place every day and the CBA is a great vehicle for that, certainly while I was president I saw this every day hundreds and hundreds of lawyers trying to contribute trying to make things a bit better every day.

Why is the CBA important to you?

Well it's important to me because it has made me feel a part of my profession, it hasn't made me feel a victim or a caboose in my profession, it made me feel actually as if I'm part of the team as if what happens at the CBA and in the profession not only matters to me but I can influence in a small way what happens in that profession with hundreds and hundreds of other people who also just want to make the profession better, keep it modern, keep it changing, keep it adapting, keep it responsive and keep it attached to our principles that's been very, very important to me.

As a larger matter, the CBA is important to Canada. It's been important on a worldwide basis on questions of privilege of lawyers, the government's trying to turn lawyers into people who report on their own clients, the CBA has stood up for some very important principles which have been important not just for Canadians, not just for the Canadian fabric, but on a worldwide basis.

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