Digital Literacy Series 2


Digital Literacy
Series 2

The legal industry in Canada is not immune to the major technical trends transforming the world. Globalization and the rapid increase in the use of technology has already profoundly changed how we interact with each other.

Stay on top of  tech trends and sharpen your focus with the new CBA Digital Literacy Series.  This series consists of dynamic, on-demand videos from a panel of knowledgeable speakers.



COVID-19 changes so much about how we work-- and not all of it has been bad. Lawyers are becoming more technically agile than ever before and productivity has held and even increased in some areas. But along with this progress comes a slew of important considerations.

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Communicating well with clients has always been critical, but now that the world has gone virtual, there are new considerations. Today more than ever, your online presence matters. And nowhere do you have more control over how you and your practice will be perceived than on the homepage of your website. 

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This program will examine the basic requirements for the admission into court of digital/electronic evidence, including text messages, emails, Facebook and other social media posts, photographs, and videos. 

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CBA Member Fee: $189.00 
Non-Member Fee:  $390.00
Plus applicable taxes

Group rates are available for groups of 10 or more. 

Individual programs are $95.00 for members and $195.00 for non-members. To enroll in an individual session, please click on the program title(s) to register.


Find a list of CPD hours by province. The series includes three 1-hour videos.


Missed the first series? You can still register for CBA Digital Literacy Series 1.