Taylor Akin

Taylor YLIP Intern


Being offered an internship through the YLIP program could not have come at a better time. Amongst finishing articles at a labour and employment firm, trying to find my way in the social justice job hunt, and desperately craving a chance to travel, I was extremely grateful to join the Legal Resources Centre. 

The Grahamstown office of LRC is by far the smallest – and that is a great thing. The office environment is warm and friendly, and interns are immediately enveloped into the daily routine (which includes no fewer than 3 tea breaks per day). The work itself ranges from research to client intake to drafting statements of claim to site visits. My work has been both varied and gratifying. I have assisted in getting textbooks delivered to schools, a civil sexual assault file, a criminal case representing student protesters, and a few racial discrimination cases. I've also dabbled in housing law, income maintenance and immigration.

Professionally, the LRC has challenged me. Simultaneously having humility in the opportunity to learn and trusting in my own legal knowledge has shaped my confidence as a lawyer. I am very grateful to have had this opportunity, and am well equipped to embark on this next phase of my career.