Subban Jama

Subban Jama YLIP Intern


The International Commission of Jurists - Kenya Section is a hybrid of an intellectual think tank, a litigation firm and a community advocacy organization. ICJ Kenya’s projects run the gamut, ranging from advocacy to bring extra-judicial killings and sexual and gender-based violence to an end, to trial observation of International Criminal Court proceedings in Rwanda, to strengthening women’s representation in judiciaries across East Africa. 

The sheer breadth of thematic areas that the organization tackles exposed me to a wide array of issues and local, regional and international laws. In my time there I assisted in significant public interest litigation cases based on the 2007-2008 post-election violence in Kenya, produced research papers on corporate pillage under the cover of war and human rights abuses committed during counter-terrorism initiatives, and conducted paralegal training in remote parts of the country. Travelling across the vast expanse that is Kenya and interacting with its diverse, multi-ethnic communities has also been a thoroughly enriching experience.

Outside of the workplace, living in Kenya has been a wonderful adventure. It has been a pleasure to call home the bustling city of Nairobi, known fondly as “the green city in the sun”.

As a young lawyer who is passionate about the intersection of law and development, working at ICJ Kenya and in a city with a vibrant civic space like Nairobi has been an incredible opportunity.