Jason Wai

Jason Wai YLIP Intern


The NLD supports the Government of Vietnam with its law-making process. I was fortunate to arrive in Hanoi, Vietnam three months after its Law on Promulgating Legal Normative Documents (LPLND) came into force. The work was quite diverse, from drafting a public call for consultants to doing research on Canadian private international law.

Since the NLD is very much a rule of law project, it means having many opportunities to learn how Vietnam’s government and political system operates, and how the judiciary fits into that system. Being able to learn about how a one-party state functions was a truly unique experience and came through being on the ground and working hand in hand with the government through the NLD. This knowledge gave me perspective on the need for context-specific solutions.

I had the pleasure and opportunity to meet some of Canada’s legal experts in areas related to Rule of Law, in a capacity only possible through YLIP. I encourage all young lawyers to apply for a position at YLIP to broaden their concept of what is legal practice and how the law can help bring change.