Aparna Bhushan

Aparna Bhushan YLIP Intern


I was formally assigned to the Child Protection and Child Right Governance team at SC Nepal but also had the opportunity to closely work with the Food Security and Livelihoods group and the Gender Equality and Social Inclusion team. Given the large presence of Save the Children in Nepal, my work in the country office was diverse and I was fortunate to have had access to many interesting projects. 

By taking the initiative to get involved with various thematic groups within the organization, I was able to explore development fields that I was most interested in and discovered which areas I can make the greatest contribution to. In my time here, I worked on projects ranging from initiating a redraft of SC Nepal’s group-lending/microfinance initiative to writing reports regarding the steps Nepal should take to implement the concluding observations of the Committee on the Rights of the Child. I also supported development of an extensive project proposal centered on changing Nepal's deeply-rooted cultural practices and beliefs regarding adolescent girls.

Working for SC Nepal was a life-changing experience.