The Committee is collaborating with important allies to move forward on our equal justice targets.

  • With Pro Bono Students Canada, we are beginning a project to build an Equal Justice Junction, a website that brings together all activities to improve access to justice at the provincial/territorial level. This initiative also includes law students in the CBA’s access to justice work and is a step toward improved coordination of work on equal justice.
  • In autumn 2014, we participated in public legal education and information’s (PLEI) Pro Bono Biannual Conference, and will continue to support the work of the National Action Committee on Access to Justice in Civil and Family Matters (chaired by Hon. Justice Thomas Cromwell).
  • In this first year of implementing the targets to reach equal justice, we are working with legal aid plans to develop national benchmarks for legal aid.
  • The Access to Justice Committee has developed a multi-year work plan and specific suggestions for local action.

Stay tuned for more progress and ways you can get involved. We welcome your help in achieving our ambitious goals. Please contact us at