CBA Bylaw Amendments

WHEREAS the Board of Directors has considered amendments to CBA Bylaw No 1 and the General Regulations to correct technical issues arising since the Bylaw came into effect in 2017;

WHEREAS the CBA accommodates regular members with special circumstances through fee categories in the Regulations rather than membership classes in the Bylaw;

WHEREAS enterprise risk management is best dealt with through a committee reporting directly the Board, and not-for-profit organizations are moving to combine audit and risk into one committee;


  1. Subsection 7(2) of CBA Bylaw No 1 (Scholar Membership) be repealed.
  2. Paragraphs 33(4)(g) and (h) be repealed and replaced with:
    1. Before giving the Chief Executive Officer the final list of candidates, the Governance and Equality Committee will notify all applicants of the recommended slate and determine whether applicants not on the slate still wish to stand for election.
    2. If there is more than one application from a given province or territory, and an applicant not on the slate still wishes to stand for election, there will be an election for the Board member from that jurisdiction.
  3. Sections 53 and 54 be amended to replace “Governance and Equality Committee” with “Policy Committee.”
  4. Paragraph 37(1)(a) be amended to replace “Audit” with “Audit and Risk.”

Moved by Board of Directors

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