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1. Title of Resolution:

Justice Systems Innovation and Modernization

2. Estimated cost of implementation to CBA:

(Including the amount of any increase in budget requirements, any potential savings, and the amount of staff time to implement the resolution) Note: National Office staff can assist in calculating implementation cost.

CBA staff time to support advocacy efforts can be implemented in current budgetary allocation.

3. Contact person who can assist the Board of Directors to implement the Resolution:

Name: Marc-Andre O’Rourke
Firm name: Canadian Bar Association
Telephone: (613) 237-2925 Ext. 191

4.Implementation Calendar

(List steps to be taken by the CBA to implement the Resolution and suggested dates for completion of each step)

Ongoing: Write to and meet with relevant government departments and other stakeholders about CBA support for these initiatives.

5. Indicator of Success

(The practical result which, if achieved, will show that the Resolution has been successfully implemented by the CBA.)

  1. The CBA's position on justice systems innovation and modernization is noted and acted on by the government and other stakeholders.
  2. The CBA is consulted in development policies or actions related to the resolution.
  3. Improved access to justice for all.

6. Any information not appearing on the face of the Resolution to inform the deliberations:

(Attach or link to any background papers or other documentation in addition to this form which should be submitted to the Annual Meeting with the Resolution. Attach or link to documentation in both French and English, where it exists in both official languages.)

No Turning Back, CBA Task Force Report on Justice Issues Arising from COVID-19

The CBA Task Force brought together people from the national courts and federal organizations, including the Chief Justice of Canada, Chief Justices of the Federal Court of Appeal, Federal Court and Tax Court, Associate Deputy Minister of Justice, justice sector partners, CBA President and several CBA Committee and Section chairs. See task force press release for a complete list of members.

Since the launch of the report, the CBA has met with several groups to discuss implementation of its recommendations, including House of Commons Justice and Human Rights Committee, Action Committee on Court Operations in Response to COVID-19, Canadian Council of Chief Judges, Canadian Council of Administrative Tribunals, Alberta Law Foundation.

No Turning Back builds on recommendations of previous CBA initiatives: Reaching Equal Justice: An Invitation to Envision and Act Report and Futures: Transforming the Delivery of Legal Services in Canada Report.

Resolution 14-09-A, Using Technology for Equal Justice, urges legal services providers to consider creative uses of technology to increase access to justice.

7. (i) Person moving Resolution:

Will be present at Annual Meeting: Yes ☒ | No ☐

Name: Jeremy Boulanger-Bonnelly, Chair, Access to Justice Subcommittee
Firm name: Norton Rose Fulbright Canada S.E.N.C.R.L., s.r.l.
Telephone: (514) 847-4747

7. (ii) Person seconding Resolution:

Will be present at Annual Meeting: Yes ☒ | No ☐

Name: Martine Boucher, Chair, Legal Futures Subcommittee
Firm name: Simplex Legal
Telephone: (888) 568-4119 x101 

7. (iii) Branch, Section, Committee or Subcommittee sponsoring resolution, if any:

Access to Justice Subcommittee, Legal Futures Subcommittee and Criminal Justice Section

8. Branches, Sections, Committees or Subcommittees directly affected by implementation of this resolution: